Transcending Dreams One Indie Author at a Time

transcending dreamsTranscendingDreams features indie authors and their books one at a time. Check them out for addition exposure. Founder, Sarah Grooms, is a typical indie herself: hardworking receptionist, mother of a two-year-old, writer, avid reader. Finding time to spotlight others on the website and blog is no small feat. Props to Sarah for helping so many others.

Sarah, how did it begin?

It started out with me reviewing some books for my friend and co-worker’s blog but after getting to know a couple of the authors, I really wanted to do what I could to help promote their work. So I’m starting to network with other bloggers and authors… making this website to spotlight Indie authors and making it easy for readers to find them (I link all the books to amazon). It’s gotten kind of time consuming but I have a blast doing it.

What do your sites say to people?

Hey Indie authors, bloggers, readers, and reviewers! Looking for a platform? Check out my website ( and my blog (! If you want to contact me about a review, book release, cover reveal, having your blog linked to, or even to review with me, email me, transcendingdreams (at) gmail (dot) com. I’d love to hear from you! It wouldn’t be fair not to mention the wonderful woman who got me started in this world of writing – Brandy ( Support your Indie authors; pass along my email and let them know that they can have some free publicity on my site. Keep reading!

Sarah embodies the indie spirit beautifully. Work hard, love your family, be a good friend, stay active with your passion and support those who share your dreams. Well done.

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