Smashwords Research 2013 Highlights

Smashwords 2013 sales graphWhen Smashwords CEO Mark Coker talks ebooks and sales, indie authors listen. Here are highlights from a recent study:

  • Most books don’t sell well, but those that do sell really well (how do you get that ball rolling?)
  • Longer Books sell better than shorts (top sellers averaged ~ 115,000 words)
  • books with Shorter Titles sell better than Longer Titles (just slightly)
  • $2.99 most common Price Point (not a surprise since 70% royalties begin there)
  • Low Price sells more (usually, but $1 to $1.99 is an under-performing price range)
  • Free Books still get downloaded like hotcakes
  • $3.99 is surprisingly good price point for sales
  • Indie Author advantages continue to strengthen over traditional model (well, yeah, good)

Mark Coker asks us to share this info. If you found it useful, share it with others. Click for original post.

Thoughts, comments?

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3 Responses to “Smashwords Research 2013 Highlights”

  1. courseofmirrors Says:

    Thanks Jason. This is useful information.

  2. olga Says:

    Hi Thanks Jason. It helps me decide on pricing. Olga

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