Peyton Manning prefers Google Plus over Facebook Twitter

My writer friends often lament, Not another social media site. Why should I add Google Plus to my author platform?

And I reply, Peyton Manning. As confusion spreads across faces, I attempt to explain.

Whilst checking blog stats for search engine keywords that sent perfect strangers to my blog, the term Peyton Manning was doing pretty well. Surprising since I forgot about writing on the great quarterback, and so I performed a Google search for Peyton Manning. Somewhere down the list this came up:

Peyton Manning Google PlusMemory jogged. After writing a blog post in Feb of 2012, I performed the routine of a blurb on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus with the exact same information: the Title and a Link to the blog post.

Over time, the simple Google Plus mention brought way more visitors to my blog post than either Facebook or Twitter, which fell out of favor quickly with search engines.

Obviously it helps that Google owns Google Plus. And it also helps that the search results will be filtered for people who have added me to their circles versus people who haven’t.

But still, when the blurbs were made back in Feb 2012 I had more Facebook friends and a similar number of Twitter followers, so why did the G+ mention do so much better over time? Since I don’t know, my reply is to just keep doing it.

As the explanation continues and confusion becomes less apparent on faces, these G+ tidbits seem to go further:

  • Google Plus has video hangouts with multiple people that are much better than Skype.
  • Google owns YouTube–hangouts can become YouTube videos with one click. (tutorial for doing that)
  • Google and YouTube are the #1 and #2 search engines in the world.
  • With the Contributor To and Rel=Author functions in place, you profile picture appears in search results.
  • Simple SEO Tips anyone can use will help bunches.

Are those enough reasons to add this social media super-site to your author platform?

What are your thoughts or comments?

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