Monday Must See/Read Bohemian Love Diaries

Slash Coleman Bohemian Love DiariesBohemian Love Diaries? Aren’t those terms somewhat oxymoron? True, Bohemian has multiple meanings, but when one is described as acting like a Bohemian my initial thoughts are not flowery reflections of love.

And neither is this book, flowery that is. Oh it’s descriptive, way more than your average read. At a time when most of us could barely pencil down what we did last summer, Slash Coleman was declared by college writing professors to be “either a genius or full of shit.” Man, I wish my writing had that level of polarization. Slash is an artist, story teller, live performer, musician, philosopher and helpless romantic; the pages brim with all of that.

Within this hilarious and deeply introspective memoir you’ll enjoy gems like these:

  • (at the grocery store, age 7) – My dad stands to one side, shirtless, wearing bleach-spotted jeans with a deerskin loincloth on the front and his Nazi Soldier helmet with fake pigtails on his head. He holds an open can of Schlitz in his hand and a cigarette in his mouth. . . My bets are placed on a preemptive strike by my father because, with him, after midnight all bets are off when it comes to diplomacy and surrender.
  • (a first date) – I arrive at the Chapmans’ with Goldie on my arm, and we enjoy the illusion of belonging as we walk through the large oak doors of the mansion. I feel taller and smarter. Goldie says her boobs feel bigger.Bohemian Love Diaries
  • (on wooing the love of his college years) – “When I stop by, she’s never home. When I try to surprise her at work, she’s never there. When I call her, I just get her answering machine,” I lament. “Did you try her parents?” Grady says. “I don’t know her last name,” I admit.

If ever memoir reads like great fiction, it does with this book. Just released, Bohemian Love Diaries will be big.  Join us live at this blog Monday July 29th 6pm PT (9pm Eastern) for an Indie Authors TV exclusive interview with Slash Coleman (details at the Google Plus Event). YouTube link will be posted here for latecomers.

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