Little Comments Big Author Platform

Ever read an article or post and not comment when you easily could have? Why not, after all, you already invested time to read the article? This seemingly insignificant omission is often not recognized for what it is–a moment of missed opportunity. Some of the best traffic to my websites has come from simply participating in comments at other sites. Doing it regularly always helps to get a bit stronger online. In time, the power develops in ways that surprise.

The reason is obvious–comments create links back to your websites and/or social media profiles, both of which continually build online presence. The internet is a GLOBAL experience with citizens around the world tuning in, and that includes more English speakers/readers than you may have thought possible. Think India, for example. Like it or not, online presence is measured in more ways than one, and sites like Klout exist to identify and connect people who are putting themselves out there in a myriad of ways.

Plus it’s also good for the person who wrote the blog post or article–it gives them SEO power too. It’s a win-win. This business is about networking. You’ve heard the term author platform. In addition to your books at vendors and your websites, everything you do online builds that platform including small mentions in the comments section of articles, blog posts, even social media sites like Google Plus, Facebook, Twittter.

Some might lament, “What about privacy? What about the Big Brother effect?” Sorry, most authors will need full transparency to rise above the soon to be millions of indie authors vying for readers. There are exceptions, but the hermit-author-bestseller is getting rarer by the day. This doesn’t mean one needs to grant Facebook permissions to everything that asks for it or comment on some of the more ridiculous posts; it just means to weigh the option and make the effort when the time is right.

How this concept helps:

  • comment boxes often contain URL links where you can input your site or blog or even your Amazon book page, which always benefits SEO.
  • sometimes a social media option exists for your Facebook, Google Plus or other profile link, depending on how you sign in, which helps others discover more about you.
  • people who like your comment (or avatar) often click the links to delve deeper.
  • the post or article writer may connect with you, which leads to good things because these people are networkers.
  • in time, sites that monitor this activity view you more favorably (Google, Klout, PeerIndex, Kred, etc.)

All of us are building online presence, and networking is a huge part of an author platform. Until the meteor strikes, the aliens land or something happens to make the internet obsolete, the continued construction of a bigger and better online existence is one of the best things anyone can do for her/his message and business. Think of it as platform jumping-jacks. It’s surprising how many authors don’t do them, especially since it takes so little time.

Would you like to comment? I hope so. Besides, we’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

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6 Responses to “Little Comments Big Author Platform”

  1. Charlotte Abel (@charlotte_abel) Says:

    Thanks for the reminder 😉 I used to comment on various blogs posts regularly, but got out of the habit while working under a deadline.

  2. dave gwartney Says:

    Good reminder. I definitely notice my blog hits go up if I leave comments, but just fell out of the habit.

  3. krpooler Says:

    Excellent post, Jason, on how taking the time to comment reinforces and strengthens networking. It’s like going to a party and adding to the conversation. You can’t be heard if you don’t speak up! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting 🙂

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