Amazon Mexico Global Expansion Continues

Amazon Mexico KindleHola, Mexico. Kindle es aquí.

Amazon has officially landed in Mexico. Global expansion, dare we say domination, continues with no end in sight. Many publishers see the monopoly as a ballooning problem and perhaps it is since the leading contender (Apple) has its DOJ troubles, but IMO having new countries joining the mix is a blessing. After all, Amazon has done as much or more for Indies to sell ebooks and paperbacks at no cost to the writers while delivering great royalties, and English is the most common second language in the world. So why see the glass as half empty? This indie author says, viva Mexico! May you sell even more than my books in Brazil.

What does all this mean to you? For one, when you visit the KDP dashboard and scroll through the countries selling your book, will come up in the list. Unfortunately the book ranking and reviews do not carry over from the US branch as you’re probably aware, but there is a section below saying: Opiniones de clientes más útiles en, which means most useful customer reviews from the US site.

Also be aware there currently is no author central specific for Mexico, which is the case at most foreign Amazon’s. You know, the wonderful selling aid for creating an author profile that connects all of your books and has room for pictures, videos, twitter and blogs links. Only the US, UK, DE (Germany), FR (France) and JP (Japan) branches currently have author centrals. Surprising Amazon hasn’t yet integrated this to all foreign countries so we’ll keep an eye out.

Long story short–do nothing and hope to sell books. If you do, enjoy a shot of tequila or blend a margarita or maybe just eat a taco.

What are your thoughts? Global expansion and domination good or bad?

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