Smashwords Adds Flipkart India’s Online Bookseller

FlipkartMeet the newest distribution partner for Smashwords–Flipkart. Haven’t heard of them? Well, they’re bigger than for that part of the world. In fact sells more ebooks in India than any other retailer (claims 80% of online book sales).

Smashwords CEO, Mark Coker, is understandably excited about this latest development that has been years in the making. If you’re an indie author, then you should be excited too and recognize this as a nice perk to Smashwords that you won’t find at competing distributors. See the potential benefits of the deal below or read the entire scoop from Mark at the Smashwords blog.

Why should India matter to you?

  • India has 1.2 billion citizens.
  • India’s literacy rate is 74% and rising.
  • India has two official languages: Hindi and English.
  • 150 million Indians are online. By 2015, the number of Internet users is expected to double to 330 million.
  • India recently became the world’s third largest market for smartphones. Smartphones are e-reading devices!

What do you need to get in on this great deal? If your books are already on Smashwords and approved for Premium Status/distribution, do nothing. They will automatically be distributed to Flipkart. If for some bizarre reason you don’t want to distribute to Flipkart, visit your channel manager and Smashwords and opt-out. Remember that Flipkart and are not the same thing at all, so you can have your books at both platforms to cover more potential Indian readers.

I’m excited. Are you? Thoughts on India?

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2 Responses to “Smashwords Adds Flipkart India’s Online Bookseller”

  1. Charlotte Abel (@charlotte_abel) Says:

    I’m very excited! My books are just now starting to hit a few category bestseller lists in the UK. I’ve been ignoring foreign markets until recently (narrow minded of me, I know). But I’ll keep my eye on India. Thanks for the informative post, Jason!

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