Google’s Keyword Tool now Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Tool has been an essential element of my blog posts for years, so I was a little miffed when they recently changed it to Keyword Planner, a threat Google made months ago that has gone into effect this week. Goodbye Keyword Tool External, and thank you for the great research.

Why miffed? Because it seems like the change is focused on selling more ad campaigns than simply updating a useful and free tool. Google is a business after all. Everything can’t be free; we get that, and people now must be logged into an AdWords account and tempted to pay for an ad campaign. Perhaps it’s a case of sour grapes or old-dog-new-tricks. Long story short, why change such a great tool? Oh well, moving on and fortunately you can still use it for free.

What does this mean to the average-Jane-Joe-blogger like me who wants to know how similar search terms compare? Most of us can still use Planner the same as we used Tool. Some functions no longer exist while a few new features do, but the main search requests are intact. For example, if you are interested in things like selling ebooks and the publishing industry, you might type in a number of terms to get ideas on search popularity. Let’s try these:

  • Google Keyword Planner from Keyword Toole-publishing
  • epublishing
  • sell ebooks
  • sell ebooks online
  • how to sell ebooks
  • sell ebooks on Amazon

This is just an example and we could go on and on. As you can see from the chart, Average Monthly Searches is still listed (though it’s now clumped into one large result instead of separate categories for types of devices). The process of getting there takes a tad longer than before once you’ve gone to Keyword Planner and logged into your Adwords account. Instead of getting sucked into a paid ad campaign, you can do this for free search results:

-go to Keyword Planner and sign in (use link above)
-Enter Keywords or select Multiple Keyword Lists
-click Get Search Volume
-click Keyword Ideas

I’m still getting used to it, so perhaps you are too. Please share any thoughts. Is it better or worse or just different?

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