Gutsy Pubslush Campaign, Rewards for You

Sonia Marsh unicycleAsking for help is not easy, especially for people like Sonia Marsh, who believes she should be able to do everything herself. And yet being an Indie author is extremely challenging, so she started a Pubslush campaign asking for your support.

Sonia Marsh at CoscoNote that Sonia is a great author and skilled at marketing. How many indies do you know who’ve landed Costco deals? Still she can use support.

By assistance Sonia means, “Anything you can do to support and spread my Pubslush campaign to the world.”

Sonia made a short video with 8 super “Gutsy” people which explains the campaign. The video and the contributor rewards are listed on the Pubslush page.

Sonia says, “I admit this is the first event I’ve put together and I want to do it right. You see, I feel a great deal of responsibility towards my fellow authors (64 of them) who have contributed their ‘My Gutsy Story®’ to the launch of our first: My Gutsy Story® Anthology: True Stories of Love, Courage and Adventure from Around the World.”

In order to make the September 26th, “Bring Out the Gutsy in You” Anthology launch a huge success, Sonia asks for your help in spreading the news and supporting the event. There are “Gutsy” rewards based on level of help. Featured at the event:

  • a professional film company to video the panel of “Gutsy People” for people who wish to share the video.
  • a famous keynote speaker, Marybeth Bond, aka the Gutsy Traveler.
  • a professional photographer taking photos of people attending our event (will be shared).
  • accommodations at the Regency South Coast Village Movie theater (see photos).
  • refreshments and a no host bar.
  • donations form the book’s proceeds to WomanSage, a non-profit that helps women in transition and a great cause to support.

If you have any questions, find more info here or contact sonia@soniamarsh. com

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