Amazon Australia Added to Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon foreign countries listIndie authors, check your KDP unit sales report on the dashboard today and see a fresh addition to the list of nations; Amazon Australia is now on the list of countries selling your Kindle ebooks (bottom blue line in photo). To think the Kindle was just introduced 6 years, November 2007, and now self publishers can sell via the retailer at so many countries with 12 nations reporting sales.

The list now includes: USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, India, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Australia. Soon to be added are many more including China.

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Remember that English is the most common 2nd language in the world, so even if most of these countries are not native English speakers and readers, their numbers are growing and will soon be larger than those in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and others. Imagine your book taking off with readers in India.

Some people complain about Amazon becoming a publishing monolith taking over the world, but frankly this excites me. Amazon has done as much or more than any organization (like Smashwords has) for indie authors to succeed with dreams of sharing their writing with readers all over the world. The trend continues, which is great for people wanting to read the Aussie version of How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks, for example. (Mental note, next book update to include Au–what an industry!)

This list should contain many additional nations in just a few more years. Exciting times for publishing.

Notice they haven’t added an Australian Author Central yet, but let’s keep an eye out for that coming soon.

Thoughts, comments, concerns? Please share.

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11 Responses to “Amazon Australia Added to Kindle Direct Publishing”

  1. Marquita Herald (@martyinmaui) Says:

    Great news Jason! I’m with you – Amazon isn’t perfect but I don’t see the other publishing channels doing half as much to provide opportunities for writers.

  2. dm yates Says:

    Nice, the more the better.

  3. CMT Stibbe Says:

    This is so exciting!

  4. alanaewoods Says:

    Jason, thanks for bringing this to my attention. It’s always been a sore point with Australian writers that the only royalty option on our Australian sales was 35%. This change gives us the 70% option as well. I’ve just shared your post with my Australian Writers Rock!! Facebook group.

  5. Kathy Hebert Says:

    Hi Jason: Thank-you so much for the always valuable advice you share with us. I’m a bit confused about KDP. I understand that I am not allowed to offer my ebook anywhere else but on Amazon if I have KDP. Since I started with Smashwords, I am reluctant to leave them. Do I understand this correctly? Thank-you, again. 🙂 Kathy H

    • Jason Matthews Says:

      Hi Kathy. You’re close; you can sell and distribute ebooks via Smashwords and also publish on KDP Amazon. KDP simply stands for Kindle Direct Publishing, and KDP is the best way to publish with Amazon. However, KDP Select is an optional 3 month program of exclusively selling ebooks only with Amazon. You have the option to enroll in KDP Select or not enroll and continue to sell elsewhere as well, which is what I do. I do not enroll in KDP Select so I can sell at Amazon, Smashwords and every other major retailer out there 🙂

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