San Rafael Dec 7th BAIPA Event

BAIPA Bay Area Independent Publishers AssociationBAIPA is the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association, a non-profit educational organization for people in all aspects of the publishing industry.

For writers in the San Francisco Bay Area–mark Sat. Dec 7th for How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks. The location is the San Rafael Corporate Center at 750 Lindaro Street, 94901. It will be a time to learn from self-publishing experts, network with writers, ask questions and have fun.

9am – 10am: Questions & Answers from the audience (open to all topics).
10am – 11am: Introductions, where each person attending has time to say who they are.
11am – 12pm: Speaker Presentation, followed by Q & A.

Saturday’s talk is about making and selling ebooks. From the event page:

Learn the steps to make and sell ebooks from Jason Matthews, blogger and self-publishing coach. Where to publish, how to build your audience and ways to use social media to sell your books, what you need to know to build a successful platform will be covered at this event.

To make and sell ebooks, there are many steps from the time of writing to after publication. Most self-publishers handle several tasks, with some more editing.

For selling ebooks, there is a preliminary decision revolving around Amazon, which is currently the world’s largest bookseller. The program covers options for exclusivity with Amazon at KDP Select or additionally selling with other major retailers.

When marketing ebooks, most authors will benefit from a blog and website, and the program discusses options and strategies here. Marketing is largely connected to social media, and we’ll identify the venues that will match an author’s needs to provide the most benefit.

An overall focus on building author platform is a consistent theme and usually will make or break a book’s chance of success. Author platform is synonymous with online presence, where it all begins for networking with readers and establishing continuous outlets for marketing and sales. We’ll discuss how to build upon internet presence over time. For those considering blogs and sites, the program explains how to minimize effort for maximum results with awareness of simple steps for improved performance with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

We’ll also discuss selling ebooks directly from the author’s website with systems that run on autopilot.

We hope to see you there for networking and to answer questions.

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