How to Add Global Amazon Links to Your Document

This is Part 2 of instruction for adding global Amazon links to your books and author pages. Why is this important? So potential readers from nations all over the world will go to their proper Amazon, which means you’ll more likely make sales and get reviews–internationally.

Part 1 of this tutorial was a blog post demonstrating how to create the links and also included a YouTube video. Here in Part 2 we’ll show how to put these links within your website and ebook documents, and we’ll also upload then test the links at KDP Amazon. A live demonstration is in the video below. Share any questions or comments with us too.

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7 Responses to “How to Add Global Amazon Links to Your Document”

  1. dm yates Says:

    Excellent. I’ll have to review this more than once. Thank you for this great info.

  2. AUTHORSdB Adds Retail Links | How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks Says:

    […] are represented with perhaps Google Play being the big omission. It would be wise if they had a global Amazon link, something all authors should be using as book links for more international sales. Presently at […]

  3. Christa Polkinhorn Says:

    Great and helpful information, Jason. Thanks! Unfortunately, BookLinker just threw a wrench into the whole thing by displaying an ad when you click on their links unless you upgrade to their paid plan. You may have received their email as well. When you click on the link, you are brought to an ad, in my case for free ebooks. If you click on “No” you’re brought to the book page. But if you click on “Yes,” it brings you to the ad page. It’s very disorienting and to me unacceptable. Too bad. I loved BookLinker, but I don’t like the way they handled this.

    • Jason Matthews Says:

      Hi Christa. Yep, we’ve been chatting about that in another post too. Kind of a bummer. My present stance is not to change exiting links although I could easily update my KDP books and websites, which are where those BookLinker links exist, and change them to SmartURL. I’ll probably ride this out for a while figuring the majority of people will click the “No Thanks” option then find my book as before, and for those who do sign up for the free audio book trial membership and get detoured, if they were really interested in one of my books to begin with–I think the chances are good that they’ll come back to that initial search. Because of the recent development I won’t use BookLinker over SmartURL for any new links, but for existing ones (and videos, and blog posts), I’m not going to rush to alterations.

  4. Tiffany Shand Says:

    Thanks for giving me the link, Jason. I’m going to use Booklinker for now for a KPD promo.

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