2014 Digital Author and Indie Self-Publishing Conference LA

digital author and self publishing conferenceThe Annual Digital Author and Indie Self-Publishing Conference is focused on the new paradigms for authors in an increasingly digital world where the publishing giants are Amazon, Apple, Smashwords and other digital resources, rather than the Big Five Publishers. As the market changes, many authors are now publishing through a growing field of Independents, or becoming their own publisher.

This year’s conference takes place from Oct. 17th – 19th at Los Angeles Valley College.

Attendees can “turn back time” and get in at last months’ prices by going to the club rate here: http://www.wcwriters.com/specials.

Or they can still get the 2-for-1 rate here: http://www.wcwriters.com/241.

Additionally, as faculty I (Jason Matthews) am entitled to bring a free guest, but I need to know immediately if you would like to attend.

Additionally again, I can offer a free scholarship or two to deserving clients, who should attend this conference but just can’t afford anything. Seriously. I can award the prize on my behalf. Pretty cool, just let me know.

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2 Responses to “2014 Digital Author and Indie Self-Publishing Conference LA”

  1. David L. Witt Says:

    Jason – Wonderful of you to make the offer of bringing a guest to the conference. You continue to do great service in helping the rest of us make the transition to the age of digital publishing. I hope you and your guests will have a great time.

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