Linkredirector Smart Links to Amazon, Apple and Google

LinkredirectorLinkredirector is not the only free smart link service, but it’s a good one. Try it by entering your book’s URL at one of the major retailers.

It will detect your title in all nations for Amazon, Apple iBooks and Google Books. The universal link it creates redirects customers to the most suitable store based on location and their device, like iPhone users to iTunes and customers with the Kindle app installed to Amazon. It even checks if the Kindle app is installed on Android devices, so it knows whether to show the book in the Kindle app or to take a buyer to Google Play.

Save 92% Sell Ebooks on Amazon and Major Retailers

You can actually use Linkredirector for any store or website you want; just go into the destinations editor and use the URLs you want. And if you want a QR Code for your book, Linkredirector can handle that too.

Plenty of other similar services exist. BookLinker is popular but only works with Amazon. Geniuslinks works with Amazon and iTunes but not Google. SmartURL works with whatever retailer you set it up for, but isn’t designed to determine a user’s preferred retailer.

Below is what your link will look like. Test it to see if it sends you where you like to shop.

Linkredirector 2

Linkredirector earns money by adding their affiliate tag to the URL for your ebook. This doesn’t take money from you unless you use affiliate tags for a substantial number of sales. In my experience, a few dollars lost from affiliate tags would be worth having more major retailers covered by the smart link. That’s just one opinion.

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Save 92% Sell Ebooks on Amazon and Major Retailers

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