Amazon Europe CreateSpace Now Better for UK, Germany, etc.

CreateSpace logoIndie authors in Europe have long complained Amazon and CreateSpace hadn’t done enough to promoted their paper books, plus the shipping costs from America made the price unreasonable. That just changed. From the press release:

Amazon customers in Europe now get immediate availability and local shipping costs on CreateSpace books enabled for distribution in Europe.

CreateSpace, an Amazon company, today announced that authors and publishers around the world can now use its independent publishing platform to distribute their books in Europe for free on,,, and By using CreateSpace to distribute directly to Amazon, authors and publishers ensure that their titles are always in stock for customers to purchase. Books will be available for same-day shipping, and are also eligible for free shipping and Amazon Prime. CreateSpace authors and publishers will earn industry-leading royalties on each sale while continuing to own the rights and have creative control over their work. Additionally, CreateSpace authors and publishers can now receive their royalty payments by direct deposit in US dollars, British pounds or Euro.

Along with great distribution, CreateSpace provides manufacturing-on-demand technology, which means books are printed when a customer orders it so the author doesn’t have to make an up-front investment in inventory. If they need help at any point in the independent publishing process, they can also take advantage of CreateSpace’s English-language professional services and 24/7 member support.

Gayle Laakmann McDowell is the author of the best seller “Cracking the Coding Interview,” which is independently published through CreateSpace. “When I launched my book on Amazon via CreateSpace two years ago, I saw my sales increase by 10 times, eventually becoming Amazon’s best-selling interview book,” said McDowell. “Europe has always proven difficult for me to enter though–how do I print, distribute, and ship my book in the multitude of countries there? I’m so excited to see that CreateSpace is launching European distribution. In 30 seconds and just a few clicks, this has enabled me to tap a whole new market and resolve a problem I’d been laboring over for months. This is huge for me–huge.”

“We are very excited to offer our members the option to distribute their books on Amazon sites in Europe. By doing so, they will make their books available and in stock to millions of European readers,” said Libby Johnson McKee, Managing Director, CreateSpace. “We are continually working to deliver exceptional value and world-class customer service to our CreateSpace members worldwide, and European distribution is yet another great example of our commitment to helping our authors succeed.”

CreateSpace authors can visit today to enable distribution in Europe for their books. To start a new title or to learn more about CreateSpace, independent publishing and manufacturing on-demand, visit .

Authors can also make their books available digitally in Europe and around the globe using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), while earning up to 70% royalties and continuing to own the rights to their books. To get started authors can visit .

About CreateSpace

CreateSpace seeks to be the world’s easiest and most comprehensive independent publishing platform for writers, filmmakers and musicians. The company is the leading provider of independent publishing tools that enable content creators to produce, polish, publish and distribute their work to customers around the world. CreateSpace offers industry-leading royalty rates, broad distribution to thousands of sales channels, an engaged peer community and complete creative control while content creators continue to own the rights to their work. CreateSpace is also a leader in manufacture on-demand for Books, CDs and DVDs maintaining “in-stock” availability for titles without inventory risk. CreateSpace is a brand of On-Demand Publishing LLC, a subsidiary of, Inc…

…Amazon and its affiliates operate websites, including , , , , , , , , and . As used herein, “,” “we,” “our” and similar terms include, Inc., and its subsidiaries, unless the context indicates otherwise.

SOURCE: CreateSpace

I remember how exciting it was when my first shipment of CS books arrived, had to make a video.

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New Enable Distribution with Amazon Europe for CreateSpace Books

CreateSpace has just added a new distribution option for paper books: Amazon Europe. If you already have POD versions of your books for paperbacks and/or hardcover with CreateSpace, you’ll want to check this distribution option through your CS dashboard.

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Kindle Italy and Kindle Spain, Amazon Europe Expansion Continues

Amazon ItalyKindle expansion in Europe continues with the latest additions of Amazon Italy and Amazon Spain. My KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) report now shows sales for the new comers with designations of and .es to go along with .com, .uk, .fr and .de (Germany). It’s also in Japan with as the suffix. Coming soon to a nation near you.

How to check if my Kindle ebooks are already available in these countries? Simply find your book’s URL, like this one for example – and change the dot com to the appropriate country suffix, like Italy’s and the link becomes That works for all countries where Amazon exists. Keeps it easy.

As an American Indie author, what do I need to do to make my books appear on Amazon at all these other nations? Absolutely nothing. That’s the best part. The retailer automatically takes care of this so if your book is not showing up, contact customer support at KDP Publishing right away.

If you live in another country and write in English, then your books should be made available everywhere Amazon exists. If you write in a language other than English, then probably not.

Last I checked, Italians speak Italian and Spaniards speak Spanish; why would they want to read my English language Kindle book? Many won’t of course, but some will as English is the most common second language on Earth with over 600 million non-native speakers, some of whom also read English.

What’s the chance of sales in other countries if my book is written in English? Well, sales likely won’t be great. My sales in France and Germany have been rather dismal, but they have occurred. Even my sales in the UK are pathetic compared to those for the US so it might be a matter of time to “break in” to another country.

Amazon SpainThis is why I love Amazon so much. This company has done more for Indie authors than any other retailer. They give 70% royalties to the author (provided your ebook is priced $2.99 to $9.99), they take care of all transactions and make direct deposits to bank accounts, and they continually expand and offer our books to readers all over the world.

Now I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for that first sale in Italy or Spain.

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