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When I first heard the term, author platform, it sounded like a place to jump from to commit writer suicide. Turns out nothing could be further from the truth; it’s the essence of vitality and a life-giving force for writers. Self-published authors especially need to build and maintain an author platform.

Ask ten people and you’ll probably get ten slightly different answers on what the term means. I believe it’s what writers do to make themselves visible, and these days that really boils down to everything they do online to make themselves visible. After all, we’re living in a global community of readers. Ten years ago, the average self-published author would have had little chance of making sales in foreign countries or even far away states, but those days are over. I regularly connect with readers not only from around America but from around the world, and I love the potentials that are in place because of companies like Amazon and products like e-readers and smart phones. It also helps that English is a popular native language and the most common second language for non-native speakers. These days it wouldn’t be a shock if a girl in Beijing read your book on her cell phone while taking the bus to school. Ten years ago that was impossible.

How do you build an author platform?

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