Matte vs Glossy CreateSpace Covers

What kind of CreateSpace cover does your paperback need? There are pros and cons to each. Matte is often preferred for novels, gloss often preferred for non-fiction. This video and photos below speak volumes.

Matte vs Glossy The Little UniverseThe matte cover is on the left. The text is a bit easier to read and overallĀ aesthetics may be better. But the glossy cover has richer tones, most noticeable in darker colors.

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Matte vs Glossy The Little Universe 2In the 2nd photo, the sheen is more obvious as seen at an angle with light in the background. Small scratches and fingerprints come out from the thicker layer of gloss in the laminate. However, the cover curl is already worse with the matte book, which is a concern because it’s 2 months newer than the book on the right.

Matte vs Glossy The Little Universe 3Again, you can see from the back cover (on left) how different the richness of the colors comes across. It’s surprising how much more prominent the darker areas show. This may be a deciding factor if your cover has rich or dark colors compared to one that has mostly lighter colors.

Matte vs Glossy The Little Universe 4At an angle, the scratches and fingerprints are less desirable. But the durability over time and the ability to wipe it clean with a wet cloth might make up for that.

In the end, it boils down to personal preference. For now, CreateSpace recommends matte for novels and glossy for non-fiction, so that’s my plan. Hopefully soon, they’ll let the buyer select the choice instead of leaving that with the author.

Do you have a clear preference? Let me know in the comments.

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