Amazon Tags for US Kindle Ebooks are Back!

Amazon kindle tags they're backGood news for Indie authors who want to sell ebooks; Amazon Tags have returned for US Kindle ebooks. They disappeared about two weeks ago, oddly just for the US Kindles but not for paperbacks, hardcovers or for any versions in other countries. Understandably, there was much speculation as to why from both readers and writers alike. In fact, this blog posted an entry on the subject of where did they go? and listed the main (assumed) reasons.

Interestingly enough, there still hasn’t been an official announcement from the world’s largest bookseller. We’re still wondering what the heck happened? Was it really just a glitch? A glitch that took two weeks to fix after speculation of so much tagging abuses? Strange indeed.

The reasons tags are a great way to help indies sell ebooks is because they’re a search term many customers use when looking for a book on something like SEO, for example. And so if a reader searches products tagged with SEO, they’ll find books like Get On Google Front Page. Works for me.
Welcome back, my little friends. We missed you.

***Update June 9, this just in from Amazon as an announcement on the issue:

“All –
We’d like to provide a little more information about the Tag feature on Tags are not intended to be used as a method to promote your titles. The tagging activity occurring in this thread does not follow the terms of use for the Tag feature on and could be considered abusive. You can learn more about the Tags feature by visiting
For this reason, we are locking this and all threads that organize this type of tagging, and future threads of this nature will be deleted from our Community. We encourage you to share your work with each other and discuss marketing and promotion ideas, but organized manipulation of any feature is not something we will permit on our boards. Website features and tools should be used as intended.
We understand that you have put a lot of time and effort into this thread and that it can be quite a challenge to increase the visibility of your work. We hope you will check out the tips we provided which may help improve your titles’ searchability on and continue to support each other’s success.”***

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