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  1. Patty Says:

    e-Book Success. Jason under your chapter on Cover Designs you state
    that using public domain photos for book covers, have no copyrights or owners so they are considered ” fair game.” My question is, wouldn’t it
    be considered “selling a picture” every time one of my e-books sells with their picture on the cover? or do you mean actually setting up a website
    selling another’s pictures as your own? Could you please clarify this for

    • Jason Matthews Says:

      Yes, Patty, it sounds like that but there is nothing illegal with selling a book that has public domain images. You can freely use public domain images as included artwork on the covers (or interiors) of your books and sell a million copies. However you are not allowed to simply sell the public domain image by itself as if you are the photographer and that is your image to sell.

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