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Jason Matthews writes fiction and non-fiction. His books have been translated into 9 languages, and his self-publishing lessons have been viewed by students in over 123 countries at Udemy.

Jason lives in North Lake Tahoe. Contact him through this blog or social media.

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34 Responses to “about Jason Matthews”

  1. erinn Says:

    I create coloring books I would like to create an ebook so that people can print them out to color them for their children. Does your Book How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks cover printing out ebooks?

    • Jason Matthews Says:

      Hi Erinn and great question! As far as printing out ebooks goes… there are 2 ways to do this and it really depends on the pages. For very short pieces it probably makes sense just to use a printer. For anything substantial or to keep it looking professional, my advice in the book is to self-publish with a free company like CreateSpace, Amazon’s Print On Demand company. CreateSpace has a do-it-yourself option, which is totally free for those who can upload files formatted for a book and upload a cover. I’ve done 3 books this way, see an example here http://www.amazon.com/Make-Market-Sell-Ebooks-Ebooksuccess4free/dp/1451537077 which is my paperback version for readers who prefer printed books. It was 100% free, though CreateSpace requires me to order and approve a physical copy which costs less than $10 including shipping. I also pay $39 to upgrade to their ProPlan which gives me a much better royalty percentage on sales and allows me a cheaper price when I buy copies, like to give to reviewers or family, etc. Another benefit to CreateSpace is they create an Amazon page for sales and also a CreateSpace page for sales at no charge; this is the same paperback at CreateSpace https://www.createspace.com/3438524.
      Hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions.

  2. erinn Says:

    But does your book cover downloading ebooks for print out?

  3. Jason Matthews Says:

    Not sure I understand the question. Do you mean, “how do you print an ebook you just downloaded?”

  4. J. Stuart Rahrer Says:

    Mr. Matthews, I am a retired Doctor who has written about 20 books for a variety of publishing sites as well as a nimber of blogs for a serieds of publishing sites. I havec not read your book on making, marketing and selling Ebooks. However,I’ve read enough about your Magic Formula for SellingE-Books. In otherwords, upload and sell ebooks from 3 locations for free. This is an ingenius plan and an incredible guide to follow. I would like to determine if I could write on the DTP AMAZON or is this a complex task requiring outside assistance? I plan to convert into E-books my previous out of print books and booklets. Also, what is your interpretation of the potential merger between DTP AMAZON and Smashword? I am in the process of buying your book. Did you know, the book is $1.89 cheper on Amazon? Thanks for the gift. Dr. J. Stuart Rahrer

  5. Jason Matthews Says:

    Hey Dr. J,
    Thanks for your comments. DTPAmazon is quite simple. I recommend the free Style Guide at Smashwords to learn how to properly format your document first, then you can easily upload to DTPAmazon along with an ebook cover and description. Once you get the hang of it after the first one, it’s a real breeze.
    I don’t know about a merger between Smashwords and Amazon if you mean the companies are joining forces. I do know that my ebooks are cheaper on Amazon because it turns out when Smashwords sends my books to Barnes&Noble, etc, they somehow reduce the price a bit. Amazon has a best price guarantee and thus reduces accordingly. In the future I plan to charge a dollar or so more at Smashwords so I can get what I want at Amazon.
    I sell more ebooks via my own sites, then I sell a lot at Amazon, then I sell very few at all the other retailers combined.
    It takes a bit to get going but once you do the potentials are there. Good luck, Doc.

  6. Dr. J. Stuart Rahrer Says:

    Jason: My Gosh man, I’ver read your book and I am perplexed about the price. I think I told you I’ve written 22 books. Moreover, I’ve read many Ebooks to get a feel for price. Obviously, Ebooks are priced differently. However, i think you could sell this book for at least the high 20’s. It is outstanding. I’m certain it would do well as a paperback or hard bound. My brother concurs with me and tells everyone he knows about the book. We will soon purchase a webhost and several web sites. Be assured that your book will be favorably acknowledged andendorsed.


    • Jason Matthews Says:

      Dr. John, glad you found it of value! I also believe the price could be higher but set it low with a few thoughts. I want the book to be such a bargain that it brings people to it very quickly, reduces the likelihood of piracy through sharing, and also attracts readers to my other books.
      Thanks so much for telling friends and family. I’ll look forward to your sites and work. Best wishes, Jason

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  8. chava74 Says:

    Hi Jason. I just bought your “How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks” on Amazon. Great reading, thank you.
    I am Spanish and I have written a novel about spies in the II World War. I think I will have my novel translated and published in Amazon (only Amazon).
    I am working on my second book. What would work best, to launch one website for each book or a personal website with all my books on it?
    Do you have any reccomendation for a foreigner willing to sell his books in the US?

    • Jason Matthews Says:

      Chava, thanks for your note.
      I think either two or one website is fine, depending on how much time you have and what feels right. I enjoy having a website for each book but also sections that link to the other website or an “other books by” page. Or you can just have one; the choice is really yours.
      The same advice I have for any author should apply to a writer in Spain. The tax issues are a bit different for each country, but Amazon can tell you how it works with Spain. I do think you should consider uploading to Smashwords and Barnes&Noble also, as well as offering pdf and epub formats from your own website.
      Best regards,

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  11. Emily Hill Says:

    Dear Jason,

    It’s Going Around! This is Awards Week for the current round of ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’ established by Carley Eason Evans, author of Metal Man Walking.

    You’ve been awarded this mutual-admiration award, and the details are contained in the following blogpost:



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  16. A. Uzoh Says:

    Can you guide a writer on how to produce and market his books online? Let me hear from you. With best wishes.

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  19. Richard Kent Matthews- Coach | Author | Speaker Says:

    I’ve read your How to Sell eBooks book twice. Great resource. You suggest a review to receive an online copy. Where do you want me to leave the review? By the way, I rarely use the WP account. My actual blog is http://www.JoyJamboree.com. Thanks.

    • Jason Matthews Says:

      Cheers, Richard! Hope you’re having a great weekend. Anywhere (Amazon or other retailer) is fine for leaving the review. Shall I send a PDF copy to your gmail?

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