The Wattpad Experience Begins…

wattpadHave any visiting writers used Wattpad to get more reads of your stories? It seems to be a reader-based site and possibly a lot of people looking for freebies only but might be useful for introducing readers to your books. Just curious to hear from writers who’ve used it what the experience was like.

I’ve uploaded the first 10,000 or so words from The Little Universe to Wattpad to see if it gets read. In about an hour it reports there have been 18 reads, but some of those appear to be from me clicking the refresh button.

Will keep you informed if this turns into a valuable resource, or even a semi-valuable one.

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6 Responses to “The Wattpad Experience Begins…”

  1. Janis Monroe Says:

    I have wondered the same thing. I am on Wattpad but apparently poetry or short stories don’t get read. I haven’t had many reads though my work has been up there for a while now. I think it is a good idea to submit your work to get reads and feedback to help make your work better, but when you think your book is done, and ready for publication, I would pull it off the site and work on publishing the book. But that is my opinion. It is a great site to get to know other writers and to help each other out. I feel it is invaluable when it comes to finding people to read and critique your work as well as see how popular your story is, then it gives you an idea of sales once it is published, though there might be a difference there once there is a price on the book.

  2. Catana Says:

    I tried and found it a total waste of time. It may depend on your genre, though. Unless you’re already well-known, you’ll have to spend a huge amount of time reading and commenting to be noticed. Since the overall literacy level on the site is fairly low, and most of the writing is by youngsters imitating their favorite authors and TV shows, finding anything that you can actually comment on favorably is going to be difficult. But it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

  3. Lisa Janice Cohen (@lisajanicecohen) Says:

    I’m serializing my current WIP, a YA SF and have it on Wattpad. I’m slowly gaining readership and ‘fans,’ but it takes posting notices about each new chapter across social media sites. I suspect it will just take time to build a fan base, but I’m not in any rush.

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