Multinational Amazon Book Reviews

You read it. Now you’re leaving an Amazon book review that will show in the nation where you post it. The US or UK perhaps, but probably not both.

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Why not? Presently, Amazon reviews are not automatically linked among the 13 nations represented by the online bookseller. (True, you can scroll down for reviews from, but they don’t get counted on any product description pages.)

If leaving a review is important, why not go the extra distance and post the review at all 13 Amazon nations? It only takes about two minutes, not much longer than it takes to leave one review.

What are the benefits? It’s good for readers and even the book and author if you liked the book. Beyond that you benefit from the inter-connectivity of all things online plus having your link to a website for browsers to click.  Definitely worth investing a few minutes of effort.

Just watch the video to keep it as short and sweet as possible. Share any thoughts or comments?

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7 Responses to “Multinational Amazon Book Reviews”

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  2. Frances Caballo Says:

    What a great post, Jason! Love your video. I didn’t know this was possible. Great information to share.

  3. Dan Gomez Says:

    Jason, I purchased your ebook on “How to Make, Market and Sell EBooks.” I am working on a “How to” ebook as well, still in process, and have struggled with different website builders in the past and have been sort of dreading the journey of breaking out into the world when my book is finished. I knew that I had much to learn and that there would be many speed bumps along the way and that I would spend far too much time stumbling around in the dark without clear direction. You have given me so much valuable insight about navigating around the world of e-publishing. I sped read through your book to get a sense of it and now I am going back to absorb and but into practice your lessons. Your book is invaluable. Thank you! Dan G.

    • Jason Matthews Says:

      Hi Dan! That’s the greatest reward so thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. My wish for you is to hear similar comments from many happy readers. I can relate to the feeling of dread when it comes to marketing your book. It seems nearly impossible to simply write a great book these days and watch the orders come streaming in. Hopefully you’ll pick the right marketing fits for you, whether it’s blogging or social media or email lists or something else, and it will work without being a major time consumer. I’ll look forward to updates on your progress.

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